Aliza and Matthew – Villa Terrace Wedding and a little bit about proofs

Aliza and Matthew are a great couple from Los Angeles, California, who were getting married here in Milwaukee. A Hollywood wedding in Wisconsin so to speak, and Simon and I were lucky enough to spend the day with them, making photographs. I put together a slideshow of images from there wedding, which they could use at a party they were throwing in Los Angeles. Since a lot of the people at the party were not at the wedding, I wanted to make sure there were a ton of photographs in the slideshow, so that people who were not there could get a real good taste of the day. So I warn you, the slideshow below has a lot of photographs in it…


If you can’t see the slideshow for some reason, check it out here:


Now there are a couple reasons why I wanted to share this slideshow here on the blog.

  • I wanted to show you what more of a wedding looked like. This is not all the images from the wedding, but beyond the ones we share here on the blogs usually. I thought, since hopefully there are brides to be looking at this blog, that you might want to see a little more of one wedding.
  • I needed to get them a DVD slideshow before their party… So, since time was an issue with this project I did not have the bandwidth to fully retouch every photo in the slideshow. In fact, non of the images are fully retouched. All the images in the slideshow are proof images. Why would I want to call this out? We always want our clients to know that their proof DVD are proofs, and not fully retouched photographs. However, not everyone understands the difference between a proof and a fully retouched photo. As you can see from the slideshow, our proofs are all great images, ones that are perfectly usable, printable, and shareable.
  • If all the proofs are good images, then why would I want retouched images? That answer is pretty easy. Our fully edited and retouched images are just that much better. We dive into each photograph, mask out areas, touch up skin, get rid of misc items that might be distracting… Basically we take a good image and make it great. This is important especially if you are ordering large prints. In a large print, you start to see things that you may not have seen in a 4×6 or online. And since a large print is usually hung in a prominent place, you want it to be as perfect as it can be.
  • The last reason I wanted to share this slideshow with you, is because I love sharing the work we do at Valo. This slideshow is a mix of both Simon’s work and my own.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the wedding, the proofs, or anything else.

On another note: Plain New York Style Cheesecake is amazing. Probably my favorite food item in the world.

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  1. Judy

    Beautiful work, Jake and Simon. The ones with them wrapped in the prayer shawl are stunning…brought tears to my eyes. And you always manage to get pictures of the cute grandmas and grandpas at weddings…a real legacy fot the bride and groom to have.

    September 29th, 2010

  2. admin

    Thanks! I love capturing grandparents, they always seem to have some type of extra wisdom and character in their faces and expressions.

    September 29th, 2010

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