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Cool Senior Photos | Simon McConico | Valo Photography

Kristi – Middleton – Senior Photos

Kristi met us at a wedding that we shot earlier this year in Stoughton Wisconsin. She loved the photos from the wedding so much that she had to have us take her senior photos even though we were quite a bit out of the way (hour and a half give or take a half with or without traffic). We met up, rocked some nature shots then went to an abandoned gas station that I had been wanting to shoot at for some time. I love her photos, hope she does too :)

P.s. Stoked for fall. Tea, leaves changing, apple cider and did I say Tea?

Raechel – New Berlin West – Senior Photos

So… the weather has been super bad lately. I am not a fan of that. My parents are in Minneapolis and the neighborhood I grew up in was ripped up from the tornados that went through there. Not so cool. I am glad though that that type of weather has not been in Milwaukee.

We scheduled Raechel’s session for Saturday and good ole Weather.com said that it was supposed to rain. I was not to stoked about that so we made her shoot for earlier in the morning and we got lucky with no rain. As we were packing up it started to rain a bit and we got out of there with our hair in tact and a card full of sweet photos. Check out these photos we took in the Fifth Ward downtown Milwaukee.

Emma and Nijah – Street Team 2012

Awe yeah! Gettin our Street Team on Valo style. Milwaukee Senior photos are never gonna be quite the same. No more big numbers and fake backdrops…  Got quite a few more coming your way, but for now, check these out.

Scott – Senior – 2011

Awe yeah. Scott. Nothing like a cool cat that knows karate. We grabbed his weapons and ran around the fifth ward in Milwaukee to shoot his senior photos. No boring letter jackets here… Got nothin against letter jackets… they are just boring.

Caleb – Senior – 2010

Awe yeah. I am on a senior tear. Tons and tons of them. This is Caleb. Shot him with Danielle. He is super fun and a rock star. Tis all. Photos. Below. More blogs coming.

(I would normally write more, but I just have tons and tons of blogs coming up for you fantastic High School folk, and those of you who wish you were in HS so you could have had better photos (I know I wish I had better ones))

Ryan – Senior

Check out my man Ryan’s senior photos. He plays for the same team as Stu, who Jake shot just a little while back . We rocked photos out in West Bend and suffered though the mosquitos and warm weather.

Ciera – Senior

Ciera was scheduled to get her photos taken about a week ago, but then it rained. That is the downside of living in the Midwest where it rains, where there are mosquitos, and where it is muuuuuugy!  We rescheduled and got a fantastic day. We rocked photos at Dr’s Park, which is really sweet. Check it out if you haven’t. It is tucked away and has a nice little beach on lake Michigan. Check out some of the photos we took.

High School Portraits in MilwaukeeHigh School Portraits in MilwaukeeHigh School Portraits in MilwaukeeHigh School Portraits in Milwaukee

This is her Twilight photo. She yelled at me for not seeing the movies or reading the books… Sorry?

High School Portraits in MilwaukeeHigh School Portraits in Milwaukee

Kyle – Senior

It is awesome getting to hang out with so many people with so much potential. The seniors that I shoot are all on the cusp of graduating and moving on to become adults. While that has it’s draw backs (Bills!), it gives me confidence that the world will be full of movers and shakers who are ready to rock n roll.

Kyle has his hands in lots of stuff. From film to business, he is starting to rock even before college. We shot some photos in downtown Milwaukee with his bike, some shirts he made, and the pending doom of rain. The rain didn’t turn into the down pour it was on Thursday, so the show went on. Check the photos:

Alexis – Senior

Menomonee Falls High School Senior Photos

We hit a lull in the wedding season this month and we are getting caught up on editing and rocking senior sessions. We are booking into August now for seniors and shooting almost every day. Cool to see how the photos are making their rounds, people are seeing them, then calling saying that they need to have them. Love that! Here’s another senior hitting the blog. You can’t stop this senior train! So many fun and good photos. Good luck to mom who needs to order photos :)

Menomonee Falls High School Senior PhotosMenomonee Falls High School Senior PhotosMenomonee Falls High School Senior PhotosMenomonee Falls High School Senior PhotosMenomonee Falls High School Senior PhotosMenomonee Falls High School Senior PhotosMenomonee Falls High School Senior PhotosMenomonee Falls High School Senior Photos

Sneak Peek – Sara – Street Team

Awe snap. There is a WHOLE lot more of these where this came from.

Street Team 2011 Baby!

p.s. Been doing some yard work and have some Hostas that need a home, so if you need some hit me up.

p.p.s. If you are late and behind the ball and wanted to be on the Street Team, give me a call and we will see what we can do.