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Milwaukee Wedding Photographer | Simon McConico | Valo Photography

Biz and Ian’s Tosa Adventure

Minneapolis. I’m from there. Biz and Ian are from there. We are now all in Milwaukee due to our travels and adventures that life has brought us through. I met Biz about a year and a half ago at the gym. She is a Yoga instructor and pretty much rules everything that goes on in the gym. We have talked about her and Ian getting some photos for quite a while and we finally got around to rocking some photos with her and her hubby so that they can fill up some wall space at their new house!!!


Jayme and Drew – E-Session – Big Bay Park

Kevin and Sarah – 1 Year Later

I know I have mentioned this before, but we truly do have the best brides and grooms ever. So many of them keep in touch with us, send us holiday cards, and chat with us on facebook. Sarah and Kevin are for sure one of those couples.  They were married in Madison at the Orpheum Theater about a year ago and we had the pleasure of documenting their day for them.

We never got to do an engagement session for them so instead we decided to do a photo shoot after the wedding for them. They came down to Milwaukee and we went out to Doctors Park on the lake front and ran around in their wedding best taking photos.  There were a ton of great ones, but here are a few that I chose.

Pretty sure Jake’s Middle name needs to be Bear Grylls

Andrea and Josh – E-Session

Oh people. I love people. I love their stories and their journeys.

Any ways… Andrea and Josh and I met up for their engagement session on a chilly Saturday morning at Grant Park. We wandered around a bit and took some photos as we talked and traded stories about breaking things. Mainly bones. I am excited to shoot their wedding next year. It’s gonna be superawesome!

Maren and Craig – Sneak Peek

Ooo… Maren and Craig are such a cool couple and had such a lovely wedding. Rocked the Wisconsin Club for the reception which is super beautiful. Gonna have more for ya to check out soon!

Allie and Brandon – Mequon Wedding

What can I say about Allie and Brandon? Hmm… Well, for starters, they got married and I had the pleasure of shooting their wedding. Secondly, they both are super awesome!

Joe and Claire, a wedding we shot a while back, are friends with this beautiful couple. Claire told her about us and they loved our work. We met, nerded out about 4Square, and talked about their wedding. They booked us and now all we needed to do was wait for the wedding.

Once the wedding got here I was stoked. Two good looking folks who have fantastic personalities and just rock makes my job super easy. They looked great and I think that we got some sweet shots. Check them out.

Allie and Brandon – Sneak Peek

Joe and Claire – Wedding – Part 2

Part numba 2 comeing at you. If you haven’t seen Part 1, check it out here first.

Sometimes there are just so many photos that you want to show you need to do it in two posts as to not overwhelm the audience. This was one of those weddings.

The Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee is such a gorgeous place.  So many beautiful things and lots of ornate details that transform a wedding into a fairy tale.  Everyone was looking their best and ready to shake it on the dance floor. Jake and I partied with everyone and were able to capture some of the energy on the camera.

Bon appetit!

The two sexiest dudes on the dance floor. (Their words, not mine)

Yess!!! Ali and Brandon are getting married in August and I get to shoot it!

We snuck outside for some photos. Awe yeah!

There were a lot of folks getting Iced. Granted it was @blatzliqor’s wedding…

Joe might, or might not have Iced me…

And Joe strikes again…

One last photo from a fantastic wedding.

I’m Murried!

Oh my. I got married. Which means I am Murried. That is pretty awesome and I don’t know if it has all set in still. All I know is that I get to hang out with a hot lady for the rest of my life and we get to do cool stuff like go to Ikea. Anyways… thanks so much for all the love on Twitter, Facebook, and in real life.

Speaking of love… My good friend Sam Dodge (One of the MANY photographers who attended our nuptials) put together a stop motion video of our wedding and reception.

He is pretty much the man. Check out his site and some more of his Stop Motion stuff.

Also, some people might have seen this, but Nicole and I went out and took some photos after we got back from Door County (Super cool modern B&B with the best owner ever). Her dress was kinda a mess from the wedding day from all of the running around and dancing, so we decided to take it out and make some more photos. We did a lil Trash the Dress shoot and got some really great stuff. Here is a lil’ sneak peek of what is to come (One of the perks to marrying a photographer).

P.s. If you didn’t see the post from yesterday, check it out. I am teaching a class on Digital Photography.

P.p.s. I’m Murried!!!!!!

Wedding – Kevin and Sarah

Madison is crazy after a Badgers game. Not to mention when the Badgers lose. To the Hawkeyes. Granted, this was good news for Kevin and Sarah. Call it an early wedding present for the two Hawkeyes that were getting married that day in Madison.

The setting: The Orpheum

The Orpheum was a really cool venue. Really dark… but really cool.  Lots of texture and lots of space. Those always make for fun photos.  Jake and I went up to Madison a few hours early from Milwaukee to shoot an engagement session for Nick and Dana who are getting married at the same place next year.  After the shoot we got some lunch then it was time to get our wedding shoes on. (I don’t really have wedding shoes, although I did wear pink and white chucks when shooting my cousins wedding)

There were lots of cool touches to the wedding that made it very personal and fun to shoot.  Sarah had her mother and grandmothers dress on display as well as their stories for people to check out.  The bouquets were made out of different herbs and smelled amazing.  After they said I Do and kissed, Sarah’s dad busted out a guitar and Kevin serenaded her on the steps of the stage.  It was a very warm and fun wedding to shoot even though it was chilly outside.  I am so glad that we got a chance to be a part of these two Hawks special day.