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Uwm Marching Band | Simon McConico | Valo Photography

Mackenzie and Paul – Crazy Booth

Oh snap. The Crazy was broughten at Mackenzie and Paul’s wedding. I didn’t have the pleasure of shooting the whole even, that honor was given to Anna from Anna Page Photography and I have no doubt the photos rock! Jake and I were shooting Vanessa and Drew’s wedding during the day and then after I scooted to Cuvee to drop some booth action on the party that was well underway.

I got set up and Mackenzie’s Mom brought over a bucket of props and the guest got to work. About midway through my time there the door busted open and out popped the UW Madison Marching band. They were rockin the crowd so hard that I needed to strap on my flash and get some photos. If your a UWM grad, I would highly suggest getting them to come and play at your wedding. So much fun.

Rock on ->

The man and lady of the evening:

And then the band:

P.s. This was catered by Lee John’s Catering and they were super fun to work with for the little bit that I was there. Oh yeah, and they had chocolate covered cheesecake lolly pops. Delish.